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Post #114 - Posted on: Friday. August 05, 2011
By: sandra lynum

Beautiful, breathtaking...and it was great meeting you!

Response by Soulful Images:
Thank you Sandra. I enjoyed our time at the wedding Please stay in touch. Gabrielle

Post #113 - Posted on: Thursday. July 07, 2011

Hello and there are just no words to describe how wonderful your art work is.......What a gift from God you have been given and to share it is a blessing to all of us that get to look upon it!! Thanks so much!! Hugs, Diane H. (aka-DreamAngelDiane)

Response by Soulful Images:
Hi Diane, Thank you....and yes, it is an incredible gift. I appreciate your comments on my Guest Book. I invite you to come see my work in person if I'm ever showing in your area. Blessings to you Gabrielle

Post #111 - Posted on: Friday. June 17, 2011

Gabrielle: Glad you could visit our project yesterday and we are now learning about your work!! Looking forward to seeing it in person! All the best, Lorraine and Benini

Response by Soulful Images:
Hi Lorraine & Benini I enjoyed meeting you and visiting your studio. I look forward to getting to know you and to sharing our artistic visions and insights. Blessings, Gabrielle

Post #109 - Posted on: Monday. June 22, 2009
By: Carolyn Hall

Dear Gabrielle, I love the way you portray the animals in so many different ways. I have only recently started drawing animals in graphite, and find it really enjoyable, as you see the animal emerge as you go along. I am a long ways off from your standard, but hope to achieve a much higher standard with each progressive drawing.I agree that the eyes are the most important part of each drawing. It is even easy to talk to "them" as they come to life. Your work is inspirational. Thank you for making it available for all to see. Cheers Carolyn Hall

Response by Soulful Images:

Post #108 - Posted on: Friday. January 16, 2009
By: Jackie Jones

Dear Gabrielle, THANK YOU so much for the wonderful piece you did on our precious and dearly loved Levi! Our family has such a love for Levi. We honestly couldn`t think of a better way to capture his forever existence in our family and in our hearts than to have a pet portrait of him. We absolutely LOVE the artwork – and it looks JUST LIKE HIM! Thank you again for a beautiful job-well-done! We cannot wait to display our "Levi" in our home. Sincerely, Jackie Jones.

Response by Soulful Images:
Hi Jackie, Thank you for your message! I enjoyed working on 'Levi' and hope you will treasure it for years to come. There's nothing like the love of a pet. Sincerely, Gabrielle

Post #107 - Posted on: Sunday. December 14, 2008
By: Gloria A. Brooks

Gabrielle, All of your work is truly a marvelous surprise! You capture these beautiful animals in a most inspirational way!! May we all do our part to preserve these amazing creatures for generations to come so they are not distant memories captured in your fine art! Your admirer, Gloria

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Post #106 - Posted on: Tuesday. July 29, 2008
By: Eddie Ireland

I am so glad to see that you pursued your god given talents in art. I still have the framed golden eagle print 29/250 that you did in 1993. I also thank you for the golf lessons you gave me years ago that greatly improved my game. Eddie Ireland (Austin, Texas)

Post #104 - Posted on: Monday. January 21, 2008
By: Gary Grubbs

Hi Gabrielle. It's been years since I've heard your name. I'm Diane's Schmidt (Grubbs) younger brother. You have very impressive artwork. Being an outdoors and wildlife buff makes your work even better. It's great to see you've made it it the art world. My sister and I are both artists too. Keep up the super work.

Post #71 - Posted on: Thursday. September 27, 2007
By: lokimikoj

Hello I am Lucy, I have found your website while searching for some info at Google. Your site has helped me in a big way.

Post #69 - Posted on: Sunday. September 16, 2007
By: hiutopor

Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! Bye

Post #62 - Posted on: Tuesday. March 06, 2007
By: Regina

Gabrielle - It was really good to meet you tonight - your work is exceptional! Not only have you created an original technique, but your drawings are amazing - great work!

Post #61 - Posted on: Sunday. January 14, 2007
By: Kristel

Your drawings are beautiful! I love the one of the wolf! its cool

Post #60 - Posted on: Monday. December 04, 2006
By: Earl Chancellor

Gabrielle, it was a real pleasure to meet you at the Spicewood Vineyard. My wife Karen and I bought your longhorn steer framed print from you on Sunday (Dec.3). Looks great at our cottage in Windermere Oaks. Thank you again,maybe we can get together soon. Happy Holidays, Earl Chancellor

Post #59 - Posted on: Friday. November 17, 2006
By: Diane Schmidt (Grubbs)

Hi Stranger, I had no idea you were such an accomplished artist! You're work is beautiful and I've really enjoyed looking at it. Unfortunately I was unable to open several of the menu items, so was not able to look at everything. Great work! I hope we can get back in touch. Your old high school buddy, Diane

Post #58 - Posted on: Friday. November 10, 2006
By: Dawn Mader

hello... I'm a fellow artist that wants to tell you how fabulous your art is. I also work with graphite and absolutely love it. AND a great web site as well. best, Dawn Mader

Post #57 - Posted on: Wednesday. September 06, 2006
By: Nancy Pingree Hoover

Love your website and your artwork! I'm glad to see such a highly regarded artist who also uses Prismacolor pencils!! It shows there is hope for me to one day be highly regarded also. I love that you work on wood as I have. I've only done two pieces on wood, but I love it. Have you ever used Walnut Hollow Colored Pencils? They are made specifically for working on wood. Not as great a color range as Prismas, but nice and buttery soft. A good complement to Prismas. Also, do you get your wood from Walnut Hollow or elsewhere? Again, I love your work! God Bless! Nancy

Post #56 - Posted on: Wednesday. August 23, 2006
By: Linda Bissonnette

Congrats on the new looks great Gabrielle. I read through the accolades...who is Val? You are so gifted, again congrats this should prove a good outlet for you. LB

Post #54 - Posted on: Tuesday. January 10, 2006
By: Michelle Loconto

It's hard to look at the portrait you did of Tails, Sonic and Putter. Now that Tails is gone I look at him in the portrait and feel like I can touch his soft fur. You captured him and we miss him. It brings tears to my eyes. I'm still in a place where I avoid looking at the portrait because it's so beautiful, but hard too look at. You really gave him back to us. Thank you Michelle & Willie

Post #53 - Posted on: Tuesday. January 10, 2006
By: Michelle Loconto

You Rock! Michelle

Post #52 - Posted on: Monday. September 19, 2005
By: Doc S

Gabrielle, you have done some beautiful pieces. it was fun to meet you taday. Gary sengbusch

Post #51 - Posted on: Saturday. July 23, 2005
By: Henry Wishard

Margaret and I really enjoyed meeting you and being involved with the adventure race. Hope we get to see some of your work in the woodlands. Your website is great!!!! I'll try to send you some of the pictures I took at the race.Donna gave Wayne And myself your E- mail address. Have a great day Henry

Post #50 - Posted on: Monday. June 13, 2005
By: Kristina Keeton

Hello, when I was in fourth grade I began to draw. My main focus was cartoons, of course. Now I am a junior in highschool and am trying to create more serious works of art. The hardest thing that I believe is trying to create your own drawings from your mind. I would always picture something in my mind, but never could put it to paper. I received my first set of graphite pencils for Christmas last year and have tried to create pictures with them. I am using Generals Kimberely Graphite Pencils. This is my first time visiting this site and I am very inspired with your work. Everything is so detailed and perfect, I hope one day to build up my skills to become as good as you. Sincerely, (A fellow artist) Kristina Keeton Ps. i enjoyed your site very much and hope you add more to it in the future!

Post #49 - Posted on: Wednesday. April 06, 2005
By: Teresa Brakefield

You have some of the most beautiful drawings I have ever seen, I am always looking for direction on techniques. I draw from time to time and I am in awe of someone such as yourself that can do such detailed drawings.

Post #48 - Posted on: Friday. March 04, 2005
By: Terri Werner

I love your work. I just purchased your print, "cat nap". My husband and I run a wildlife refuge in Tyler, so of course our house is decorated in big cats, specifically tigers and lions. Do you ever do drawings of animals people own? We have a lion that photographs beautifully and I would like a print of him. I understand you do an original and that's one price, then take prints from that. Just curious. Terri

Post #47 - Posted on: Tuesday. January 18, 2005
By: Julie Trainor

Gabrielle, I spoke with you at the Houston Safari Expo this last weekend, and I have been enjoying your website. (I was the blonde girl that knew what Prismacolors were, and am also an artist.) Your work is outstanding, and I greatly admire it. Being someone that pays strict attention to detail in my own work, I can truely appreciate the time and effort you put into each of your pieces. I hope the show went well for you, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Julie Trainor

Post #45 - Posted on: Saturday. January 08, 2005
By: carolyn yvonne hardman

what beautiful works of art. I have always been interested in detailed artwork. Your work is magnificent. I love the idea of working on wood, it is so refreshing to let the wood do some of the work for you. I just dropped by to let you know I appreciate viewing your work. Thanks again for the opportunity to see your work. Carolyn Hardman

Post #44 - Posted on: Wednesday. January 05, 2005
By: ashley c

i am scottish but i noticed that there was no drawings of birds and i am doing birds as part of my design course at school its just that there is animals like dogs and cats and elephants but no birds! i am not tellin u wot to draw but i think it would be just as good as ur other work xx ashley xx

Post #43 - Posted on: Saturday. November 20, 2004
By: Tanya

God your great! I aboslutly love ur work! i can only try to imatate such beauty! i was just browsing the net looking for somthing to draw for family members and came across ur site!! your work is so beautiful and your so talented!! everything comes to life right off the page and its breathtaking!! i draw for fun mainly! but if i wanted to do it more or show more ppl i would dream of who you draw as an insperation! well great site keep the work up!! Sincerly; Tanya Wilton Canada

Post #42 - Posted on: Monday. October 11, 2004
By: Debra

Just hello? How about stupendously beautiful? I LOVE your work Gabrielle! Your style is exquisite, and yes the detail is to die for. Did I tell you how very much I like wood? I am truly awestruck at your skill. I have perused your site for over an hour, just soaking it in, and I'll surely be back for more. My favorites so far are the Tusks Original and Enchantment 1C, followed closely by Enchantment 3C just because I resonate with the rose bud opening, as I have felt during my time on this site. I know that sounds corny, but it happens to be true. Can't wait to talk with you about this! What a multi-talented woman you are Gabrielle!

Post #40 - Posted on: Monday. July 12, 2004
By: Brooke Killen

Hello, Gabrielle. I was fortunate enough to see some of your work on Sunday @ the Crockett Center and I am truly still in awe of your talent/visions. As I'm sure you had several admirers that day, you may still remember me. I was inquiring about having a portrait of my two miniature schnauzers done. I have searched your website, but was unable to get an idea of what you might charge. Not being a wealthy woman, this is an obvious factor. Could you give me some idea of what the price range is? Types and/or sizes? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much and have a great day. Brooke Killen 512.695.0445

Post #39 - Posted on: Saturday. June 26, 2004
By: Phyllis Burns

Hello, I am browsing your site because I have just purchased some pencils and a drawing pad and I want to begin a series of drawings. I have played a little with this over the years but now am quite serious about learning all I can to create fine drawings and find my own style. Thank you for sharing. Phyllis

Post #38 - Posted on: Monday. June 07, 2004
By: Nancy

WOW! These are awesome! Quite a talent you have Ms Gabrielle! nancy (from lpo)

Post #37 - Posted on: Thursday. May 20, 2004
By: Val Warner

Gab! I love my Gabrielle's work! So nice to see you adding and drawing and painting! Are you going to the Young Guns workshop in Bozeman next weekish? It'd be like ol times! Your friend, Val

Post #33 - Posted on: Thursday. April 15, 2004
By: Preston F. Kirk

I've lots of ideas, some off the wall. Lots of questions. Not all the "answers," however. Let's brainstorm.

Post #32 - Posted on: Sunday. January 25, 2004
By: Maggie

Hi Gabrielle, this is a wonderful exhibit of your artwork. Not only is your work stunning but the website itself is well constructed. I bookmarked it so I can come back to it again. Art makes the world a better place to live and I'm glad to know you even at a distance. Maggie

Post #31 - Posted on: Wednesday. November 12, 2003
By: Sondra

Your art work is so beautiful. I am just starting to learn how to draw. I have found that it is very relaxing and theraputic. I like all the different mediums though I think my favorite is charcoal and I struggle the most with watercolor. I would love any tips on drawing a horse- I love drawing animals- and I love Native American art. Once again thanks for your beautiful site. I so enjoyed it! Sincerely, Sondra Robison 9444 Leticia Dr Santee, CA 92071

Post #30 - Posted on: Monday. November 10, 2003
By: Sheila

Gabrielle, Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with me..I love soul mates..your work is me a different outlook on art..and peoples talents..I would love to take up photography has been a dream for some time..just not sure where to start..I will revisit the site..planning to order a couple of copies of soul for my friend in texas..and one for myself..there are others that I like..however this is my fav.. Sheila in Canada

Post #26 - Posted on: Tuesday. September 02, 2003


Post #25 - Posted on: Monday. August 25, 2003
By: Martina Nerrant

My ex neighbor Judy Harris in Round Rock told me about you. I saw the picture on your website. You did a GREAT job on Lester's portrait. I knew her dog and i can tell it really looks like him. Jody is very happy about it. Sincerely Martina

Post #24 - Posted on: Sunday. June 08, 2003
By: jeff,charisa & steph

Thanks for sharing your work. My daughters and I really enjoyed your work. Thanks again.

Post #19 - Posted on: Sunday. April 20, 2003
By: Connie Deal

Your drawings are wonderful. I have many cedar stumps and wood pieces from our own pasture. Do you have any advice or information for me on how to preserve and decorate them so I can use them in my home ,which is decorated in cabin style/western/wildlife decor? Any ideas would be greatly appciated. I am great fan of yours but can not afford you prints. Thank You Your Fan, Connie Deal

Post #18 - Posted on: Sunday. March 23, 2003
By: christine hewitt

hi.I think ur artwork is very good.ur website is very attractive and I love ur "cougar" peice.I am 16 and I am studying art for GCSE.Have you any tips for me regarding graphite pencil and colouring pencil?

Post #17 - Posted on: Saturday. March 22, 2003
By: kye

Hey i am really enthoused by all you8r great work it is so out there and cool!!!! Your my fav artist man........ good luck for the future

Post #16 - Posted on: Friday. February 14, 2003
By: Leslie Burchard

Hi, I really enjoyed your web site, your drawings are even more than beautiful. The image jumps off the page, I believe the drawing "Age of Innocence" is the best I've seen. every detail was brought out so graphic, your talent is obvious and inspired by the passion exhibited in your art. I have always appreciated the difficulty in drawing with graphite, you capture it with ease, bringing every figure to life. Thanks. Leslie

Post #14 - Posted on: Sunday. February 09, 2003
By: gabrielle wallace

i do not think i have felt so much beauty as i have browsing over this site, power and happiness to you Ms Gabrielle Matlock. If you ever get to come down to australia i am sure you would be most impressed with the wildlife! and the nightlife! your new friend from downunder GABRIELLE WALLACE.

Post #13 - Posted on: Saturday. February 08, 2003
By: Lena

Hello Gabrielle, I like your art very much, you are very talented. Take care Lena

Post #12 - Posted on: Sunday. February 02, 2003
By: Debra Cornelius

Hey! I just checked out your new website! Pretty Impressive! I really liked the wood work you do, especially the "Cat Nap" one on the Pecan wood. Just gorgeous! You are truly talented! I looked through all the items, and the entire website is great! It was fun seeing you at the party Saturday. I hope you had a good time. See you next time I'm in Austin. Take Care, Debra

Post #11 - Posted on: Wednesday. January 15, 2003
By: Vee Regen

What refreshing images from a very fascinating lady.

Post #10 - Posted on: Wednesday. January 08, 2003
By: Nichols

Nice, but....WHERE'S THE LETTUCE????????????????

Post #9 - Posted on: Wednesday. January 08, 2003
By: Burel

Hi , very nice website and galleries ! I'd like to publish some of your artwork or photos as wallpaper at Every wallpaper is downloaded with KlicKlac Studio software and keeps your copyright and your url. This is a nice tool to promote your prints. As we say in FRANCE 'Essayer, c'est l'adopter !' ... translation: people who get your wallpaper would like the same as a print that could be bought at your website ! Let me know ! My website is and will be dedicated to promote photographers and artists. Pascal Burel P.S: check Yann Arthus Bertrand gallery at ...

Post #8 - Posted on: Sunday. November 24, 2002
By: Beverly

Hi Gabrielle. I'm just writing to say that I enjoyed the art work very much. We met at a CAS meeting. Your web site is also very complete and easy to use. Who did yours? I've been having some trouble with setting one up. Actually, to tell the truth, I've been having some trouble concentrating on an art form. I work with glass, fabric, canvas and WALLS! Well, take care. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your site. Beverly

Post #7 - Posted on: Sunday. November 24, 2002
By: brigitte mendoza

Outstanding web site! Your talents never cease to amaze me. You have the true soul of an artist. Luve ya, Brigitte

Post #6 - Posted on: Friday. November 22, 2002
By: Marti Sullivan

Hi Gabrielle You've got quite a website here! Looking forward to your coffee table book. Great idea! love, Marti

Post #5 - Posted on: Wednesday. November 20, 2002
By: Lisa Robinson

Your website looks great!

Post #2 - Posted on: Wednesday. November 20, 2002
By: Val Warner

Dear Gabrielle, Wow. I love you and now I get to love your art! I especially like the "Broken Silence"! What impact that piece has. Thank you so much for having a great website that I can visit and see what you're up to! Happy drawing girlfriend. Val