Gabrielle Matlock

"My career as a professional golfer led me to my true passion...wildlife art."

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"Paradise Cove" - Gabrielle Matlock
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"Paradise Cove"
Gabrielle Matlock has always had an interest in and a special talent for drawing. Growing up she spent much of her spare time drawing and painting. Early on her interest in art was rivaled by her interest in athletics, particularly golf.

She pursued both interests all the way through college. Her desire to become a professional golfer and her interest in art led Gabrielle to Austin, Texas. While pursuing a professional golf career she developed keen observation skills and a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Ready For That Kodak Moment - Gabrielle Matlock
Ready For That Kodak Moment
Gabrielle started her own art business and nourished her passion for wildlife through photography and art. She developed her photographic skills which allows her to take magnificent images of her subjects. She uses them in the realistic and accurate portrayals in her art.

Gabrielle travels all over the world to capture her favorite subject matter. Her favorite destination is Africa, a couple of trips have netted her thousands of images from which to work.

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"Peek-a-Boo" - Gabrielle Matlock
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"I can express my passion for wildlife through art."

Gabrielle's passion for wildlife and her artistic talent bring her subjects to life. Her subjects are very detailed, paying particular attention to anatomy and light which she feels are the essential ingredients to any meaningful work of art. She not only strives for an accurate portrayal, Gabrielle works to bring out the soul and essence of her subjects. She expresses her passion through realism and emotion.

"While I began with graphite drawing, I looked for more dynamic ways to bring out the soul of my subjects. I wanted to get color into my work which lead to my discovery of colored pencil on wood."
From her first drawing on wood of an owl eye, Gabrielle's technique has evolved to magnificently realistic works of art.

The complexity and time consuming elements of drawing on wood encouraged her to seek other mediums of expression. Gabrielle's work has evolved to include oil painting which is a very different experience in artistic expression.

Sharing Photo Op With Carl Brenders - Gabrielle Matlock
Sharing Photo Op With Carl Brenders
"To do the best art, you must learn from the best artists." This attitude motivated Gabrielle to seek the knowledge, experience and inspiration of the greatest names in wildlife art today. She`s had personal instruction from Robert Bateman, Greg Beecham, Terry Isaac, Daniel Smith, Carl Brenders, John Seerey-Lester and Guy Coheleach.

Their instruction and guidance have been instrumental in Gabrielle`s growth and success as an artist. Her work has been appreciated and sold nationally.

" I hope that my work will bring joy to others but on a deeper level I strive to inform and educate people about the magnificence of these creatures".

"His Majesty" - Gabrielle Matlock
"His Majesty"

 Gabrielle Matlock

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