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African SculpturesKarryl -
African Sculptures

Big Cat SculpturesKarryl -
Big Cat Sculptures

Bird SculpturesKarryl -
Bird Sculptures

Domestic SculpturesKarryl -
Domestic Sculptures

Dog SculpturesKarryl -
Dog Sculptures

North American SculpturesKarryl -
North American Sculptures

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Add Wild Beasts and Whimsy to clay and bronze and you get the sculpture of Karryl.

This is the official website of international wildlife sculptor artist Karryl, on it you will find a complete collection of highly collected limited edition animal sculptures.

In addition you will find Karryl's Biography, Contact Information and a Schedule of Shows and Events, as well as links to galleries and museums around the country that exhibit Karryl's Fine Art.

The images of Karryl's wildlife art on this site are categorized by subject matter and fall into the following groups.

  • Big Cats This section includes Cheetahs, Lions and Cougars (Mtn. Lion).

  • African Animals This category includes Elephants, Kudu, Baboons, Giraffe, Gemsbok and African Wild Dogs.

  • North American Animals included here are Wolves,Bears and Coyotes.

  • Domestic Animals including Horses and cows and sheep

  • Birds of all species and nationalities.

  • Dogs Canines large and small.

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