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MagiCoral Reef Yacht Club Show -Magi Day
Coral Reef Yacht Club Show
My adventure into the world of art started about 20 years ago, after I retired. I had so much desire to do this, it was an easy decision. There were a few lessons and workshops along the way, and lots of discipline. It's amazing how much more we really begin to see what we are looking at, when we see as an artist.

My husband Harold was always very supportive, and we all need that encouragement as we explore our interests. He was a very sensitive, caring person. It was easily recognizable in the beautiful poetry that he wrote. He also wrote a childrens book called "Zip and Pip", a great story about a family of racoons he remembered from his childhood. These in turn, were told to our son, who encouraged him to put them in a book. Our love of nature and being outdoors was very special.

Magi and son Pat -Magi Day
Magi and son Pat
We moved to Florida in 1963, and through the years I have learned about the many beautiful places here, as well as the lovely flowers and trees. My paintings have been focused mainly on the theme of the Everglades. It is truly a very unique place, and there is no other place like it in all the world.

My paintings are in public and private collections in many areas of the world. Some are hanging in the Captains Quarters of Esso Corp. ships sailing out of Korea. I have participated in numerous, major juried and invitational and gallery shows.

I have been with Rudma Picture Co. on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables for almost 14 years. Each two years they have sponsored an exhibit which gave us a chance to visit with our friends and clients.

You may speak with Carole or Gregg, and they will be happy to show you the display of my work.

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